Alexey Lapin – Absorbed in a Mood

These days it seems like the level of Russian photography is at an unprecedented high. Taking photos may once again emerge as a major trend in Russian youth culture, and it all makes sense. In Northern Europe it can be a pain in the ass to find photogenic sceneries, just take a look at the surroundings: It all looks too nice! And I’m talking about a very unphotogenic kind of nice; a not so beautiful nice. Plain boring to be honest…

If you take a look to the east, there is a lot less money to spend on renovation and reconstruction. A lot more people are unemployed, people are living on the street, and a simple color surrounded by grey areas can give a photo the required spice. Russian photographer Alexey Lapin wrote us a message a couple of weeks ago just to tell us that he really likes our magazine. Well, what can we say? We love his photography and the rest of the story is laid out for you to see.

by Daniel Pannemann