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The day started with a video from Berlin and it is ending with one. Independent Trucks sent their European team to our lovely home town of choice.

Meet Tom Knox, Eniz Fazliov, Doobie, Vincent Milou, Ulph Andersson , Nassim Lachhab, Justin Sommer, Kai Hillebrandt, Denny Pham, Roland Hirsch & Leon Charo-Tite.

Erik gives us a new part, one that is set up like it could have been “a day in the life”. First, you wake up, get a coffee and meet up with your girlfriend and then you rip the city. Pretty comfortable skating by one of Rostock’s favorite sons.

Aus dem Hause der 24/7 Distribution erreichen uns die Welcome Clips von Tim Hachen und Jo Gabler, die nun auf Toy Machine bzw. Foundation Boards unterwegs sind. Im Unterhemd wil man an der North Brigade nun wirklich nicht slammen…