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A real nice project from Austria, Graz to be exact. Julian Glanzer did a really nice job here and we had some “WOW” moments for sure. There are a couple of noticeable things about videos from Austria:

#1 They have good often German spoken soundtracks.

#2 Although the image of the country is one of relative wealth and beauty the skaters often have a punk/squatter look (which we love).

#3 Their spots are truly amazing, from the streets of Vienna (that rival the pavement of Paris), the famous plaza in Innsbruck, and now the streets of Graz

Trap Skateboards got a new one. Marco Kada from Austria is now officially member of one of Germany’s oldest skateboard brands originally from Hamburg. Meet Marco:

Passend zum Artikel im aktuellen Heft kommt nun der Clip zur IRIEDAILY Tour bei unseren Nachbarn in Österreich. Valerie Rosomako, Roland “Hirschi” Hirsch, Danni Olsen, Andreas Fugger, Thomas Steinwender, Rene Derntl und Ente als Sessionkeeper eingeklemmt von Bergen.