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Louis Deschamps is a serious man and you can see that in his work. Meet all the people behind Tonic Skateboards and get ready for some top-level skateboarding by Rennes’ most productive organisation.

The Terrasse is back and in style, let yourself be surprised by the spots and the tricks.

Today is a good day! First, we get John Motta raw footage, and now we get new Hugo Maillard footage!

Press play and enjoy some tomfoolery by the boys and girls in Rennes, France.

Louis is very busy lately from Tonic to his own works he is putting out gems as a young filmer is supposed to. Enjoy this video and prepare because we heard some whispers and more might be coming soon.

It seems only too fitting that only hours after Hugo Maillard left Berlin one of his long time friends puts out a new video. Not only is Mr. Batard responsible for some of Hugo’s best footage, he is also responsible for producing some of the more exciting skate videos in recent history.

It seems that with or without “big names” he makes it happen.