Tag: Butter Goods

A really nice flowing video by the people over at Butter goods, who as far as our taste go make some really nice, diverse stuff. From the video to the clothing it works together well, which can be a hard thing to do.

To start off I really like Butter Goods, I like the product, the team, and their video output but I don’t really like Barcelona footage anymore.

Why might you ask? I have seen it too much ever since the days of És Menikmati BCN has dominated skateboarding in Europe and I am oversaturated.

Basically, what tipped the scales to positive for me was the Ghostface Killah track, Tony Starks is indeed my favorite MC and a very underrated one at that. Also, Cappadonna always reminds me of that amazing Petr Horvat part.

Written by Roland Hoogwater

WKND, Pass~Port and Butter Goods got together and formed Hyperion Distribution. To introduce themselves they released this short clip featuring team riders from all three brands. A well put together clip by Grant Yansura, who pulled off a fisheye-zoom?!

Attention: This one is about to make your legs move! Butter Goods catches the rhythms worldwide. On point edit by Josh Roberts and Garth Mariano.

Featuring: Alex Schmidt, Ben Gore, Phil Marshall, Morgan Campbell, Alex Campbell, Philly Santosuosso and Casey Foley.