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To be honest, this is the Chris Mulhern project we never knew we needed. A pretty interesting departure from his recent work showing a broader scale of his skills. Diversity is the spice of life.

We are really liking this Mulhern and we hope to see this creative side mixed in more and more in the future.


What is there left to be said about his kid that has not already been said? Actually, the nicest thing about Heitor is that he didn’t say much himself, he just showed us all.

Adidas has known and Palace got hip to it not that long ago too but if you, yourself didn’t know yet, now you do!


Magnus and Chris Mulhern did everything right during the making of this part.

They picked a great song, showed both Magnus and his friends and managed to blend all types of different locations into one coherent part.

Hats of to all people involved this is one of the best parts of 2018 and a little tip: keep watching during the credits.

Let’s be honest, this was a great idea by Mr. Mulhern because by taking the footage from this “Away Days” trip to Taiwan he created something new, something fresh. It shines a light on some of Dennis’s best lines, all in all, a great plan executed well.


Rodrigo TX, Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Nestor Judkins and Dennis Durrant.

How beautiful is the look of Philadelphia through the Fisheye? Those lines look amazing.

Hopps officially welcomes Mark Del Negro to their Team, filmed by Chris Mulhern and Jake Todd and motion graphics by Cosme.

Der Film “Symirroretry” ist eine kulturelle Auseinandersetzung kreativer Persönlichkeiten Skateboardings. So geben z.B. Arto Saari, Pontus Alv, Greg Hunt, Chris Mulhern oder Paul Fish Antworten auf die Frage “What is my love and passion?”. Erzählt von symetrischen Skatern, die zu einer Einheit werden. Ein wirklich gelungener Film von Andrew Lovgren für alle kunst- und kulturbegeisterten Skateboarder.