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Dimzerz new video finally dropped and we get the chance to see another video from Russia with a lot of unseen spots and a different approach.

Featuring: Gleb Bukhgolts, Rodion Yusupov, Philipp Kharel, Trofim Ovchinnikov, Andrey Kotlyarovsky, Andrey Filatkin, David Pershikov, Maksim Talyan, Vladislav Baranov, Dmitry Zabozlaev, Dilip Kharel and Friends

With this being a rather conceptual video we see it fit to post the Russian skateboard brand’s artist statement with this one:

The quote “skateboarding – the path to the social bottom” has remained one of our central themes for several years now. When we learned that Russia has the city of Dno, we immediately decided to visit it. Here a certain irony came together, and a pun, and our love for experimental skateboarding, where it had never happened before. The bottom is a very small city in the Pskov region, but a large railway junction. There are practically no conditions for skateboarding and even asphalt pavement is far from everywhere. Over the course of two days, we entertained ourselves in the Day as best we could (it is just such an excuse to use with the name of this city), mixing skateboarding with absurdity, and, even, we met one single local skater. Probably everyone has their own bottom, we saw him like that.

Seems like there is a new project by Dmitry Zabozlaev in the making.

We are not going to lie, we were thoroughly confused after watching this video. From the music selection to the editing and the repeat tricks watching this is a wild ride!

Congratulations are in order because Dimzer Z took a gamble and made something quite original.

When we were in Russia working on our PLACE PROJECT RUSSIA issue we saw and heard about a lot of people. One of those people was Dmitry Zabozlaev a.k.a. Dimzerz. Now if you pay attention to our Instagram and Thrashers Skateline you might have seen him pop up on your screen. He is a big part of the new generation of young skaters and filmers who are creating in their own style, the cool thing about this movement is that there seem to be no borders for them. They all know each other via the internet and they feed of each others momentum, style and tricks. That doesn’t mean that there is no Russian flavor to what Dmitry is doing it means that the focus lies on looking outward instead of staying in their own clique and looking inwards. We asked Dimzerz to write a small text to go along with this online premiere of his new video “Troica”. Enjoy.

The Filming process for “Troica” was very interesting and fun for me and although my VX1000 sometimes didn’t work and glitched a lot, I still love it and think this is still the best camera to capture skateboarding with.
We’ve been filming for “Troica” from March up until November 2015. The video was shot in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, just traveling from spot to spot with the gang trying to get clips. Unfortunately for me, there was nobody who could really film me, so most of the time I had to stay behind the lens. In the end I did managed to get a couple clips anyway here and there (laughs).

For both filming & editing I take my inspiration from a lot of independent VX filmers that I am subscribed to on YouTube, people like Matt King, Gene Belanger, Jackson Casey, Antosh Cimoszko and Leon Rudolph.

We found the name “Troica” by accident. One day the guys and me were chilling at Dilip & Philipp’s place and wanted to give our crew a name. They found an old Trofim’s tumblr and it was called “Troica”, they really liked the name and stared using it everywhere. Me personally, I think that “Troica” just sounds cool (laughs).

“Troica” features : Dilip Kharel, Philipp Kharel, Trofim Ovchinnikov, Andrey Kotlyarovsky, Dmitry Zabozlaev, Vladislav Baranov, Rodion Yusupov, Gleb Bukhgolts and some Friends. The video has a special appearance from Marcel Burkhart (aka sk8ordont), it was really fun to meet and skate with you dude!

You can check out Dimzerz old video o O \ | / O o by clicking here

Photo by Marcel Burkhart

Intro by Roland Hoogwater

Text by Dmirty Zabozlaev