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With all the CPH coverage dropping we present to you one last recap to close it off and that is the PLACEMAGPAULE photo recap.

Contrary to last year almost the whole PLACE staff traveled to arguably the best city in the world. But even though we were all in the same city, festival rules applied, which meant that within moments we lost each other and started doing our own thing. We all ended up at different events and safe for a few moments only saw each other at the plethora of parties that the CPH Open is host to.

It seemed everybody had a great time at every single event but our highlight was definitely the Levi’s event which looked rained out at first but ended up saving our lives by offering us a boat ride, good food, cold drinks and a very hot but healthy sauna experience!

We wish we could say “See you next year!” but the organizers felt that it was time for a break. So we will end it by saying, enjoy Paule’s photo recap and see you at the next Copenhagen Open

One of Malmö’s best celebrating together with Stefani Nurding who has a full feature in our FUNBOX Issue.

Mr. Depaz enjoying his brunch in a way only the French can.

Like last year the water was our friend and our enemy.

Marius and Al Partanen having a great time on the waters of Copenhagen!

Valentin Bauer at the Levi’s event showing us that customizing your outfit is key.

Berlin must have been empty because everybody seemed to be in Copenhagen.

We were a little hesitant at first but this sauna van boosted morale to unprecedented levels, from now on we would like to see this van at every contest.


Photos by Paul Röhrs
Text by Roland Hoogwater

Picture the following scenery: It’s August the 15th, we are in Abu Dhabi and the clock is about to hit the 12 pm mark. Can you imagine how it would feel to skate outside in the heat of the desert city? Well, the day before yesterday we did the complete opposite of the above-explained situation. Converse CONS sent us out to Stockholm/Sweden (Yeah, it was cold), where we celebrated a very special happening. Main topic was: David Stentström took us on a very personal tour through his life in Stockholm (HERE you have the masterpiece) and some of us took a little but happy detour that night. The following photos will give you a taste of who was there:

Last out of three “At Home With” Videos comes from the sunny south of France. Born in Paris, Edouard Depaz moved together with his family to Bordeaux when he was seven years old. Although he is currently living in Paris again, he warmly invited us to see the place he grew up skating. It turned out to be an unforgettable trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Welcome to Bordeaux Zoo!

Featuring Edouard Depaz, Alex Richard, Victor Pellegrin, Francois Tizon, Pierre Patissou, Paul Röhrs and Vincent Dallemagne.

Photos by Paul Röhrs

On the one side, the modern society as evil machinery that unnoticeably takes control about our being, and on the other, the Öctagon members that refuse to defer and try to breakout of the a system of false reality. A really great and artistic approach combined with strong skateboarding.

Featuring Edouard Depaz, Remy Taveira, Yeelen Moens, Joseph Biais, Valentin Bauer, Bram de Cleen and Florian Merten.

You probably have seen the parts of Marca Barbier, Maceo Moreau and Michael Mackrodt on our site already. Now this is the complete full length project about Europe’s three popular metropolises coordinated by our friend Thomas Busuttil. Very worth watching!

Featuring Remy Taveira, Kevin Rodriguez, Roman Gonzales, Tom Knox, Jake Collins, Jarne Verbrugen, Didrik Gallasso, Joseph Biais, Vincent Coupeau, Denny Pham, Dennis Busenitz, Kyron Davis, Marc-Alexandre Barbier, Maceo Moreau, Michael Mackrodt, Yoshi Tannenbaum, Harry Lintel, Edouard Depaz, Giorgi Balkhamishvili and so many more!


A group of about six guys showed up whenever we met to go and skate around the city and each one had a “down for whatever” face. Although we were strangers to them, they trusted us from the very beginning. We quickly forgot about the language barrier. It felt like we didn’t even have to speak a language, and if we did, we definitely spoke the same one. We felt more than welcomed the whole time. I kept on wondering who might have started spreading the rumours that French people can be assholes…well, except for that one time outside of a bar when a very charming young lady asked for a cigarette and everyone started screaming at her for fun like she just won the Champions League finals. Our time in Paris was really about the flow of cruising; meeting up, having coffee and finding the adventure right in front of us. Things are just going to happen if you wait long enough and we had time to spare. Meet a new generation of young Parisian skateboarders:



The French people have a well-known love for their own language and talking in general. Speaking French is like driving a red 70’s Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Cabriolet into the sunset while on the way to the ocean…at least for German people. Our neighbours are aware of their beautiful language, and confidence was always helpful in most situations. As we took the Metro every now and then, we noticed something very different about how they announce the upcoming stop. The first announcement is much more kindly than the second one. They say it sounds more aggressive to people that are from out of town or people who had a second glass of champagne. It makes you feel like you’ve fucked up in a way, and even reminds you of situations in your childhood like, for example, when your mom told you to immediately step off the see-saw. It’s an interesting form of communication, and I kept on thinking about the moment they recorded the two different emphases of the very same word. Wonderful!


The Best Pavement in the World.

Look at the way the French people skate. A lot of them use their body language way more often than others do. They can express themselves in a unique way. This probably comes from their self-assurance. While others try to be someone else, the people we have met are just themselves, but also very special. Pierre Subra, Edouard Depaz, Santiago Sasson, Joseph Biais, Franz and Clement Bossard were just a few of the guys we got to go skating with. They say the city has the best pavement in the world and they’re right, at least if you compare it to the rather rough pavement in Berlin. I guess there are a few cities in the world which could actually claim that title too, but none of them might be as beautiful and vast as the French capital. One can practically skate from A to B doing tricks and going fast. There are a lot of concrete pavements and those are definitely the best. So, if you happen to meet a crew during your next stay in Paris, make sure to skate a lot. They cruise their way through the Arrondissements and stop whenever, wherever for whatever reason – just for the fun of it. If skateboarding had only one single crucial element, it would probably be good pavement.



Mood is absolutely everything. One single person can influence a whole crew of people, in good or bad directions. We felt weightless while hanging with the Parisians. After only a day it felt like we had known each other for a lot longer than just a couple hours. While in other cities you might get a cold shoulder, there are some very good people in this city with the ability to create the harmony we loved to experience. It is almost like the city gives an extra portion of strength, a smile, and on the other hand, exhaustion when you finally call it a day.
Well, it is more like the city itself calls it a day for you, and it can call you out!



There is no such thing as time. It is either bright outside or dark. It is either dry streets or soaking wet ones. As time went by while preparing for the day in our AirBNB apartment, (located in the third Arrondissements) we noticed that the people did actually wait for each other and every single person to show up, but waiting is definitely the wrong word for it. They had a special mentality about time management. If someone was late it felt like it didn’t really matter. Meanwhile, the crew was waiting but they weren’t sitting around doing nothing. Instead, they were either skating or occupying themselves with activities. With that calmness, it seemed as if there was nothing they were actually waiting for. This is probably the best way to not waste time and definitely healthier too. Your heart will thank you when you’re old.



Isn’t it fantastic that we wake up, take a shower, get some breakfast and then can decide to dress up in a way we never have before? Tomorrow we can wear pink pants while yesterday we wore a suit. There are no rules for anybody at any time and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. There are a lot of people who actually complain about fashion a lot. In Paris, there are probably people who feel the same though we didn’t find them during our stay. But there are people who are trying to set up rules for fashion… These people are afraid of otherness, afraid of losing control, and afraid of the new. This is weak! Do it your own way and make sure to feel comfortable before you leave the house because that is what people notice. Parisians feel comfortable with what they do and they have a certain charisma that we can learn from. We really wish that all of you guys could, just once, experience your own time in the wonderful city called Paris. We want to thank all the people we met in Paris very much and all the people that helped us during our stay. Have you seen Midnight in Paris yet? You’ll love Paris in the rain so go for a walk. “Walking by the Seine at midnight, Gil bumps into Gabrielle and, after it starts to rain, he offers to walk her home and they learn that they share the love of Paris in the rain.”


by Daniel Pannemann
Photos: Danny Sommerfeld

The brand new PLACE issue 56 “Paris / Paname” will be available through skateshops, selected retailers and newsstands – some of the shops got the issue already, just ask!

The concept behind our current issue is to explore the booming Parisian skate scene, to visit people, who are a staple in Paris but also the ones who are not as well known but deserve a platform. We met a lot of exciting people while working on this issue, we were out there experiencing Paris with them. As with the last issue the work we do has become personal to us and we believe you can feel the Paris vibe as we felt it when you’ll read this issue.

Here’s a little sneak peak…

Santiago Sasson “Jardin Privé” – Interview

Manuel Schenck Portfolio – A Contemporary

A Cruise Through Paname – Spending Time with Parisians feat. Edouard Depaz, Joseph Bias and more

Jason Dill ’16 – Interview by Benjamin Deberdt

FUTUR – From the Shadows

Alex Pires “City Elements” feat. Ben Kadow, Tyshawn Jones, Joffrey Morel, Max Geronzi, Paul Grund and Sage Elsesser.

Get your copy HERE.

The system known as Öctagon just produced a new video, Öctagon is a special brand with a distinct flavor of its own. Once again the video delivers a strong message when it comes to the editing, the music and the skating.

The clip features: Maya Coline, Remy Taveira, Joseph Biais, Bram De Cleen, Edouard Depaz, Valentin Bauer, Yeelen Moens & Florian Merten

Street skateboarding can become very difficult when the spots one wants to skate are watched by security guards that do not feel even a glimmer of sympathy for it. Rémy Taveira, Vincent Coupeau and Edouard Depaz dare to skate some of the most guarded spots of Paris and next to long-lasting discussions with exasperated securities they also could shoot some very rare footage. A really nice edit that is nothing but fun to watch!

The Öctagon squad returns with a new clip showcasing the talents of Valentin Bauer, Joseph Biais, Bram de Cleen, Edouard Depaz, Remy Taveira and more. Black and white footy straight from the future. Excellent soundtrack included:

Öctagon is totalitarian. Every human notion has been replaced by data and individuals are constantly under surveillance, which is insured by Surveyör. The program is checking the data transformation to their tasks state.

More info: www.octagon-exe.com

“The Öctagon is totalitarian and omniscient. Billions of data are generated by this independent system and build a unique reality. Individuals live within the Öctagon. Geographic space doesn’t exist for real, it is not tangible but still defined by a multitude of data.”

Nachdem wir im Januar die Öctagon Premiere im Rahmen unserer Ausstellung zur Ausgabe #50 gezeigt haben, verging fast ein halbes Jahr, bis der Film nun endlich im Internet bestaunt werden kann. Edouard Depaz, Valentin Bauer, Bram De Cleen, Joseph Biais, Yeelen Moens und Rémy Taveira sind unter anderem in Paris, Tokyo und London unterwegs gewesen, um diesen sehr dunklen und modernen Skateboard Film zu produzieren. Vorhang auf für das Öctagon:

All Photos by Maxime Verret.