Tag: Episode 4

Seeing the crisis as an opportunity. We get to see new edits left & right since the first and second Covid-19 lockdown. This one is coming from Southern France.

Sami Lababedi, Théo Fouques, Etienne Gros, Alexis Greusard, Eddie Williams, Moogins, Arto Bornes, Ben Botta, Remi Luciani, NTSC, Episode 4,

Rémi Luciani about the project:

“Here’s a new episode from the NTSC series we’re doing in southern east France. More precisely in Nice and its surroundings (Antibes, Cannes…). That’s the footage we’ve been able to collect mostly in between the 1st and now the 2nd lockdown.”

Skating Guatemala is almost some Patrick Wallner type of mission but the Sour dudes managed to get out there and actually get some good tricks in.

Besides that, they managed to do their version of Herby Hancock’s – Watermelon Man, a song that is best known for being in Guy’s part in Mouse, chapeaux guys!