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The E.S.P. VOL.2 EXPANDED raw series continues and this time it’s Eetu Toropainen’s turn. Eetu is amazing to watch. Must be nice.

Our good friend Leon Charo-Tite has been putting a lot of energy and dedication into his skating in recent years and that’s one of the reasons why he is where he is. We are stoked that he’s a part of this project and it’s amazing to see how he dealt with filming for such a thing. Here’s to many more!

The Element Skateboards “ESP Vol2 Expanded” series continues and this time it’s Brandon Westgate. In the raw version, you hear his powerful ollie snap even better.

Dip into the raw version of Element’s ESP Vol2 video in the first installment of their new series featuring Finnish technician Jaakko Ojanen.