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After Hackelona Farid Ulrich and Vincent Heller proudly present to you their second video project called Københacken. That the footage stems already from 2015 doesn’t effect its appeal at all. Let’s face it, CPH Open is kind of the same event each and every year, which shell mean it’s always sensational and worth watching!

Finally, Dan Schulz’s Berlin based independent skate film Oh Snap is going to be premiered on December 3rd. Here is the official trailer, which provides a good foretaste of what is to come! Oh Snap!

Featuring Pascal Reif, Justin Sommer, Joscha Aicher, André Gerlich, Tim Bornemeier, Quirin Staudt, Valentin Ott, Patrick Rogalski, Ilja Judizki, Michel Funke, Philipp Oehmige, Farid Ulrich, Danny Goodman, Roland Hirsch and Daniel Ledermann.

The colder days are just around the corner in Northern Europe, and thus, the same applies to Berlin. So shortly before we are switching our clocks to daylight saving time, Nike SB, in wise foresight, called together their Europe team to have a last session at Project DSS.

Featuring Hugo Boserup, Casper Brooker, David Jakinda, Jacopo Carozzi, Julia Brückler, Joscha Aicher, Hyun Kummer, Farid Ulrich, Sami Harithi, Justin Sommer, Giorgi Balkhamishvili and Jan Kliewer.

Photos by Dennis Scholz & Leo Preisinger

“I could do something like this.”

…And you should. There is a thin line between plagerizing and drawing inspiration. Generally, you should ask yourself if you’ve already crossed that line, but rather focus on what is best for your work by naturally developing content, material, and ideas in the process of production. But even if you take an abstract idea and articulate it, putting it in your on words, you will always find people that will see what other work or artist your piece is inspired by.

Our very own Danny Sommerfeld took the idea of David Hockney’s photographic collages and brought it into our world, which is that of skateboarding. While some seem to lose themselves in the photograph, others will always think of hockney’s famous works of classical L.A.: Backyard pools, open roads and cars. As such, in every image you encounter over the next few pages, you’ll also find a little Hockney. And like any other idea you have, there is always someone who might have thought the same, though one way or another, somewhat differently. Even your masters have found their inspiration in other works, just as Hockney sought inspiration from Picasso’s early cubism pieces. He took this idea and brought it into the world of photography.

Take your time to find the beauty in every shot and maybe you’ll find some little hints here and there – odes to photographic masters of yesterday, perhaps some pieces of inspiration for the artists of tomorrow. Nothing is absolutely perfect or unique. Here is to David Hockney:

by Daniel Pannemann
Photos: Danny Sommerfeld

Friends – Bremen, 2016

Farid Ulrich – Betonhausen Berlin, 2016

Johannes Schirrmeister – Alexanderplatz Berlin, 2016

Kai Hillebrand – Spot der Visionäre Berlin, 2016

Due to its mild climate, Spain has always been a preferred travel destination for Europeans especially in the winter time. So also Farid Ulrich and his friends traveled to Barcelona to take a break from the gloomy and cold weather in Germany. Fortunately, Farid’s good friend Vincent Heller had brought his camera with him and filmed whatever came in front of his lens with the result of this pretty tour clip, which is edited by Mr. Ulrich himself. Hack!

Thumbnail by Marcel Boer

After the Team Titus Istanbul- and Abu Dhabi-trip, it seems that the guys have been mesmerized by the east. As a result, they went on a long trip to Vietnam. The brand new AM, Markus Blessing, was welcomed to the team by Patrick Rogalski, Farid Ulrich, Jeremy Reinhard, Vladik Scholz, Jost Arens, and team manager Yannick Schall. Check out the stunning edit:

Let’s call it a day! Go Skateboarding Day 2015 in Berlin was a blast. The crowd met at Civilist store in Mitte to get their goodie bags while Nike SB donated money towards a new local Skate-Spot-Project for every kilometer that was pushed on a skateboard through the streets. The route took us to the “Bänke”, the famous street spot at Warschauerstr. where another issue of Battle At The Bänke was about to go down.

This 5th issue of BATB went to the history books as Alex Mizurov and Denny Pham did so many lines, they could have filmed a whole Bänke-part on one day. It was just stunning! Also the homies like Louis Taubert, Patrick Rogalski, Sylvain Tognelli (and many more) did their best to show amazing skateboarding at a fully crowded spot. Thanks to everyone who came along to join this epic Go Skateboarding Day!

Here’s our photo recap, shot by Burny.


Kids loving goodies.




Sebi MC

Sylvain did one of the best lines of the day. Unfortunately he disappeared during the final.

Always a pleasure to watch Sami Harithi skating.

To give you an idea of this still image – Louis` fs bluntlside was fast as hell.

Joscha, Mario & Farid

Probably Denny couldn’t believe how many lines he filmed in one day.

Patrick was on point, flippin’ into fs crooks.

Bänke-legend Jan Kliewer hanging with Topdog Danny Sommerfeld.


Alex, Michi, Vladik and Patrik checking the news.

Michel Funky, Andre and friend.

Alex Mizurov filmed 13 lines – just in the final!

Justin, Denny, Colin, Sami

Best Trick winner Louis going for the long way.

Kerem Elver likes this a lot.

Free stuff!

In total 3850 Euro got donated for the realization of the new skatepark project. Cheers Bo!

Happy winners with cash – Denny got 2nd, Alex 1st and Louis 3rd, he also won the Best Trick.

Watch out for the final video dropping this week!

When we arrived at the Nike Store located at Ku’damm, we had our iced coffee’s ready. The sun was out and spirits high up. Nike gave us the possibility to do the city tour that we always wanted to do. Not once did we drive past tourist traps like Unter den Linden, but we got to see skate tourist locations like Kulturforum and others. Our hosts were telling us about the ABD’s, while at the same time hollering at almost every person we drove past.

Three spots were on our menu – when we got to the first spot (Spot der Visionäre) the show really seemed to start. Not just for us as skaters but for all to see.
The best thing about the Nike SB bus tour was that it not only showed skaters around the city, it showed other people the many ways skaters use the city. Win-win situation.


Spot 1: Valentin Ott (Spot der Visionäre)
Spot 2: Casper Brooker (Gleisdreieck)
Spot 3: Quirin Staudt (Nationalgalerie)

A dark grey sky is looming overhead, and a mixture between rain and snow has been pouring down all day. Surprisingly, Patrick arrives on his cruiser board despite this total mess; what’s more, he’s smiling and seems to be in a very good mood. But then again, that’s just how he is, smiling and laughing all the time. Plus, what probably helps him stay positive even on a horrid day like this is the fact that he just returned from Bangkok, from a four-week trip that saw him skating with friends like Farid, Joscha, and Burny every single day.

Still in high spirits after this month-long Asian adventure, Patrick is something I’d like to call a “the sun made me do it” kind of guy. Prior to meeting him I even thought he was a hippie child, but he’s actually not. He grew up in a small town called Goslar, where he was able to choose between two indoor skateparks. That’s also where he learned everything about backside noseblunt slides.


I’m a little bit surprised to find out that you’re actually not a hippie child, attending Waldorf school and growing up with laughing adults dancing around a campfire, singing songs and being just happy.
I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of immigrants, and everyone had a different cultural background. I liked it because most of the time the people were open-minded and they didn’t judge you. Everybody had to find some way to make things work, to find an arrangement. I have always been on my own track and sometimes I got a “What’s this for a German kid?” thrown after me. Though actually I’m half Polish, but I was born in Germany. A lot of them didn’t really like my style but we used to hang out together anyway. They were more the Nike Shox and leather jacket types, and I was wearing baggy pants and skate shoes. It was okay.

How much would another company have to pay for you to join their team?
To me, it’s not about a price, it’s about that you get along with everybody in a good way, that you’re able to do lots of tours and that you can be in touch at any time. This is very important to me when it comes to riding for a company. At Titus, we’re all super down, that’s great. If another company made an offer, it’s not about the money. It’s rather the whole thing, the whole picture, you know?

There’s a football player named Patrick Rogalski and his current market value is 25.000 Euros. Would you change teams for 25K?
Ha-ha… no idea! But, for example, Louis Taubert got an offer by (German TV station) Pro 7 for a long-term documentary on him. He said that he’d never sell his soul for such crap, although they were willing to pay him a lot of money. That really impressed me and this is way more real than doing stupid shit for a few bucks.

SW Kickflip

You changed your profile picture on Facebook four days ago and got 230 likes since then. How does that feel?
Feels fucking awesome, ha-ha… seems like 230 people like my photo. It’s just a confirmation that I did it right, don’t you think?

So it’s more about the right photo – and not because of your looks?
Dwag shot a good photo I guess! It’s just for the homies.

20.000 views on your last video part on YouTube. Are you satisfied?
Could always be better. But it’s better than having less that 20.000, isn’t it?

Someone in the comments section asked why you always seem to be so out of it. Are you?
How can anyone judge based on a video part?

What has changed since you turned pro for Titus?
Not much, just more hustle. I don’t work at the Titus Zoopreme store anymore so I have to make my money from skating. Or else I’d have to find another job.

So how much is it worth to be a pro then?
Personally it means a lot to me, it’s like a dream come true! When I was a kid I could never understand why all the pros where skating so good, so I always wanted to have my own board one day. I thought it would be cool. Ten years later it happened, I got my own board and I’m really happy about it! But of course it’s a known fact that you can’t buy a Ferrari when you turn pro so I am not kidding myself. I turned pro but I have to do something else on top to make it work. Like studying, which my mum has been forcing me to do a lot lately.

What are you interested in?
I think when you study it’s not about your interests. I finished economic high school so I know what I don’t want to do. I think I’m more drawn to something in the social sector, but let’s see. I don’t have a bigger goal, at the moment I’m simply working on short-term schedules.

BS Nosebluntslide

Did you know before traveling to Thailand that you were going to do the backnoseblunt?
I guess so. We went straight to the hubba the first day we arrived. I shot a photo of the spot and looked at it for days. The spot is very crowded with pedestrians so it’s definitely not easy to skate. I saved one board for the last day.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised that you did it.
Because it’s my signature move?

Yes, you kind of destroyed this trick already before. I have seen you doing it so many times; I know how comfortable you feel with this trick. Of course, it’s a big spot but I guess it was only a question of guts and the day’s form, wasn’t it?
It’s definitely a serious hubba, and to be honest I almost shat my pants. But I had to do it. It was the day before I was going to fly home, and I needed the best possible ender. So I could enjoy a nice Gin & Tonic on the plane and be very happy after a successful trip.

You buried this trick forever.
Ha-ha, everybody should do whatever they want!

Do you think the backnoseblunt is the king of the tricks?
For me, personally and emotionally, I would say yes. It took me a long time to learn it and now every time I do it, it just feels amazing. To do it in a proper way you really need to put everything you have into it. But okay, if it’s dead now, I will stop doing that trick, ha-ha. I don’t know where to do it anymore anyway.

by Benni Markstein
Photos: Burny

Die mittlerweile siebte Mondays Montage aus dem Nike SB Shelter fasst in knappen zwei Minuten zusammen, welche Tricks in den vergangenen zwei Monaten in der Halle gefallen sind. Dieses Mal mit von der Partie: Denny Pham, Farid Ulrich, Sylvain Tognelli und Nepomuk Herok, der den bislang wohl längsten BS Lipslide in der Halle eintüten konnte…

Mittlerweile ist Valentin Ott alles andere als unbekannt in der deutschen Skateszene und wer ihn schon einmal dabei beobachten konnte, wie er einen simplen Kickflip aussehen lässt, hat ihn sowieso voll auf dem Schirm. Er hat den besonderen Flick gemischt mit dem nötigen Pop und lässt liebend gerne sein Skateboarding für sich sprechen. Für den folgenden Part via Red Bull hat Valle sich nicht öfter als zehnmal mit Sebi Vellrath zum Filmen verabreden müssen, um diesen 2-minütigen Part auf die Beine zu stellen. Mit dabei sind außerdem die Freunde Michel Funke und Farid Ulrich.

Foto: Preisinger

In einer neuen Folge #Mondays feuern Farid Ulrich, Denny Pham, Danny Sommerfeld, Giorgi Balkhamishvili und viele weitere Akteure durch den Nike SB Shelter. Besonders freut uns der Auftritt von Alex Siegfried, der sicherlich einer der most underrated Skater in der Republik ist. Auch Martin Gregor aka Monkey gibt ordentlich Gas, wie sollte es auch anders sein. Clip ab.

Das Team Titus hat sich in diesem Sommer auf den Weg ins Ländle gemacht: Farid Ulrich, Patrick Rogalski, Jost Arens, Yannick Schall und Wilko Grüning unterwegs von Mannheim über Karlsruhe und Stuttgart bis nach Freiburg. Da ging was:

Vor etwas mehr als zwei Wochen ging in Berlin der Nike SB Light up the Streets Event über die Bühne: Ausgerüstet mit Mini Mag Lites ging es für über 200 Skater per Board durch die City in den Gleisdreieck Park, wo ein perfekt ausgeleuchteter Picknick Table im Mittelpunkt des Geschehens stand. Hier ist der Clip zum Spektakel, mit dabei: Danny Sommerfeld, Farid Ulrich, Giorgi Balkhamishvili und viele mehr:

Best Trick Session 1 – Danny Sommerfeld, Bs Nosebluntslide to Fakie

Best Trick Session 2 – Giorgi Balkhamishvili, Fs Crooks Bs Revert

MVP – Farid Ulrich

Dan Schulz hat sich durch die Untiefen seiner Festplatten gewühlt und noch ein paar ungesehene Tricks aus Berlin gefunden, die er in einer kurzen Montage verwertet hat. Mit dabei sind: Patrick Rogalski, Reik Manig, Wilko Grüning, Marlon Schollmeier, Pascal Reif, Michel Funke, Farid Ulrich, Hirschi, Flex O Connor, Sami Harithi und Justin Sommer.

Zugegeben, eine schwimmende Minirampe gab es schonmal, allerdings nicht in solchen Ausmaßen, geschweigedenn mit einer integrierten Sauna. Der finnische Skater Roope Tonteri hatte (a) eine Rampe und (b) einen idyllischen See vor der Haustür. Diese beiden Fakten auf nicht ganz alltägliche Weise kombiniert, ergibt sich das folgende Setting – und wenn dann auch noch Jaakko Ojanen, Eero Ettala, Willis Kimbel und Farid Ulrich einfliegen, dann sieht das Ganze so aus:


Bevor am kommenden Wochenende die ersten Berlin Open über die Bühne des Nike SB Shelters gehen, gibt es mit dem Best Of eine 6 monatige Retrospektive. Die goldenen Momente des Openings, der Team Days, Spot Ons und Monday Sessions vereint in einem Clip feat. Shane O’Neill, Donovon Piscopo, Kilian Zehnder, Patrick Rogalski, Farid Ulrich vielen weiteren Akteuren. Die Vorfreude steigt, wir sehen uns am Freitag!


Der Videobeweis zur Foto Gallery: Battle At The Bänke 2014 feat. Farid Ulrich, Louis Taubert, Christopher Schübel und weiteren Akteuren und ihren ansehnlichen Lines. Bereits zum vierten Mal fand der beliebte Contest in Kooperation mit Nike SB am Go Skateboarding Day an der Warschauerstrasse statt und es bleibt uns zu sagen: Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten – es war uns ein Fest!

Gefilmt von Julius Krappe, Mark Nickels, Cesar Torales und Bastian Godoy.
Edited von Julius Krappe.


Vergangenen Samstag fand in mittlerweile vierter Edition und in Kooperation mit Nike SB der Contest “Battle At The Bänke” statt. Auch am diesjährigen Go Skateboarding Day kamen eine Menge Skateboarder und Zuschauer an den beliebten Spot direkt an der Warschauer Straße. Zu sehen gab es unzählige Lines in allen Variationen, so dass die Judges alle Hände voll zu tun hatten. Im Starterfeld fanden sich neben den Locals einige Gesichter der deutschen Szene und sogar aus Chile und Mexiko waren ein paar Jungs angereist. Aus all dem bunten Line-Allerlei stachen am Ende eine handvoll Starter besonders hervor und auch der Wolkenbruch samt Platzregen ließ sich bis zur Siegerehrung auf sich warten, so dass “Battle At The Bänke” am Ende wortwörtlich feuchtfröhlich zu Ende ging. Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten – es war uns ein Fest!


Louis Taubert
Louis Taubert, FS Crooks




Whitey, BS Tailslide


Farid Ulrich, fakie 5-0 Flip out


Christopher Schübel, Nollie BS Nosebluntslide

Juan Carlos Aliste aka Goma aus Chile, BS Flip fakie Nosegrind

Michel Funke
Michel Funke, FS Bluntslide




MC Sebi

Alex Ullmann
Alex Ullmann, SW FS Tailslide 270 Flip out


Best Trick:
Patrick Rogalski, FS Bluntslide Flip out

Patrick Rogalski


1. Christopher Schübel
2. Goma
3. Hugo, Louis Taubert & Farid Ulrich




Fotos: Burny

Der Wüstentrip des Team Titus nach Abu Dhabi erscheint in mehreren Duo-Parts, von denen Farid Ulrich und Patrick Rogalski den Anfang markieren. Unzertrennlich wie eh und je trotzen die beiden der trockenen Wüstenluft und kommen so in den Genuss sich an perfekten Marmorspots auszutoben.

Foto: Daniel Wagner