Tag: Futoshi Tokuyama

Yoan Taillandier is back with a third episode of the series. Great start into a new week!

Featuring Glen Fox, Olivier “Boucle” Durou, PJ Chapuis, Mika Germon, Oscar Candon, Arnaud Henriot, Benji Russel, Hugo Corbin, JT Saldou, Alex Raeymaekers, Francois “Pako” Pion, Pierre Leze, Amelien Foures, Futoshi Tokuyama, Gauthier Rouger & more.

Japan’s Futoshi Tokuyama comes through with the online release of his full part from the Raw-Fi video. As it is typical for skateboarders riding for Magenta, Futoshi has a very unique and great style.

Photo by Shinsaku Arakawa