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Something nice from one of our supporters Junkyard featuring some of our Scandi favorites like Simon Kallkvist, Victor Larsson Blé, Simon Hallberg & Markus Bengtsson.

Press play and enjoy!

We guess that it must be the time off work that motivated both Simon and Victor but it is impressive to see 3 Scandinavians, 1 spot and 3 days of skating turn into an amazing result.

Accidentally, our friend and photographer Conny Mirbach was present at the famed Prague plaza to witness this destruction and he has since proclaimed that Junkyard’s own Victor is now one of his favorite skaters.

The piece was created by lensman Makke Bengtsson who is actually one of the nicest people ever.

Anyway, if you are not convinced see for yourself what 72 hours of skating Stalin Square can amount to.


If you think that Sondre & Amandus are only staying in their comfort zone then you are wrong. Just recently we caught Amandus at the Vans Park Series in Malmö getting a free burger, how about that? Watch our SOTY’s skate the U.S.A. & Canada –  S/O to Junkyard!

The north of the USA always looks simply amazing! from the ramps, the parks and the moss-covered street obstacles everything has a very particular beautiful vibe. Baeonci, Jonathan Sjöberg, Donovan Rice and Ethan Demoulin, visited Portland and made this video to celebrate their trip.

Last week during Bright Tradeshow, we hosted a little slappy contest at our local park/second office, MBU, supported by Junkyard. Here’s a recap.

Featuring: Jun Kummer, Moritz Alte, Julian Ruhe, Deo Katunga, Conny Mirbach, Johannes Schirmeister, Kai hillebrand, Benny Urban and many more…

What do you do when you have a team filled with talent are located in a country with “real” winter weather for multiple months and are located in a relatively small city?

You create an indoor skatepark for the locals and invite your team to come and rip it. That is basically what happened when Junkyard opened their JunkPark in Trollhättan, Sweden.

We are sure the locals will have a lot of good times there this winter.

When one of your SOTY’s puts out a video part it is only logical that you show it and share it with the world.

The cool thing about this part is that it was entirely shot outside of Sweden, Amandus’ normal habitat. Seattle filmer Jake Menne saw the kid and documented him for his latest video Friend Zone, so if you like this check out Trevor Clark’s part too.



Photo by Corey Greengage.

One of our Soty’s just dropped half-a-part for State Footwear.
He sung his own song, his brother filmed it and he himself did the editing! Everything the Mortensen’s seem to do is a family affair. Enjoy!