Tag: Kevin Long

Spanky went from being a child star that transformed into an elusive creative skater who slowly got a skateboard burnout (no pun intended) but finally came full circle and retrieved his love for the board.

One may be able to argue that Mr. Long is indeed a legend, he surely influenced a lot of people and as such he is deserving of this Emerica colorway.

For a moment there we thought Baker was going stale but we should have know better than to doubt the boss and his friends.

And while everybody is talking about Kader we had some TK flashbacks when we saw Donta Hill step on the board, a good look for Baker once again.

Das RVCA Team um Josh Harmony, Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long, Jeremy Leabres, Charles Collet, Barney Page und Remy Taveira war auf Tour im vereinigten Königreich. Hier der Clip zur Rain or Shine Tour: