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Old but still very good! That is the best way to describe this never before seen footage from 2014. The French seem to be able to let everything age like whine instead of milk. Enjoy some great moves from the likes of Kevin Rodrigues, Hjalte Halberg, Roman Gonzalez, Greg Cuadrado, Luidgi Gadyu, Carlos Cardenosa and of course Alex Pires.

Photo by Alex Pires

Any conversation about Russia and its youth culture these days is bound to include Gosha Rubchinskiy. It’s inevitable. He’s considered one of the most exciting streetwear designers of the day – with collections in haute stores such as Dover Street Market and Tres Bien – as well as an influential photographer. His work is without a doubt a reason why the fashion world is looking East for fresh ideas. His approach consists of an authentic mix of real life situations unfolding around him, captured in a Soviet aesthetic and told in a Russian accent. Skateboarding always plays a major part in Gosha’s imagery and its focus on showing teenagers on the streets in their natural environment. Most of the teenagers don’t even know about their power and their style, which is what inspires Gosha and makes the results appear so real. It’s just normal life, caught with an open mind.

We’ve had the pleasure to meet Gosha in his own Moscow neighborhood, in between bar hopping and walking around from one club to another. To no surprise, he turned out to be a friendly guy who likes to share his story. And it was also impressive to find out that he is taking care of his friends a lot and that he has such a strong belief in a romantic idea of community.

Interview by Benni Markstein

How did you get started with photography? What is your background?

Initially, I started photography in my school years just for fun. I just shot my friends with basic film cameras. It was nothing special. During college, I took some photography lessons and learned how to use mirror film cameras. I studied fashion, styling, hair dressing and some make-up. I always had a need to document my work, so I had to learn more about photography because I had to present it. I learned that it is always better to have a complete project. When I started my fashion project, I started to use my photography for it, since I knew how to develop film. But anyway, I was already taking pictures of my friends my entire life, for example while going out or skating.

Your new book Youth Hotel just launched. Please tell us something about making that book.

There is a hotel in Moscow from the ‘80s that was built for the Olympic Games for the youth and young sportsmen. It’s a strange building with 28 floors in a real Soviet mood and feel. One day a friend of mine, who is a stylist, came to Moscow and she wanted to stay in a strange hotel. So we chose this one as I also wanted to take a look inside and see what’s going on there. It was very interesting, so we rented a room, spent some time there, invited some friends and had some parties there. It’s very empty, so we had the entire floor for us, played some music, danced and also we could smoke. During these parties I shot some pictures there. My friends of IDEA Books, who also made my last book Crimea / Kids, asked me to do something new and asked if I had something for them. I said yes and told them that I have some great outtakes from my Youth Hotel series that we could use. I mixed these pictures with last year’s cool pictures that I never used. I think the name Youth Hotel is very romantic. Youth is such a short period of time in your life that you spend shortly.

You mentioned that you had unused photographs you were able to use. Do you feel that different outlets are also important to realize different ideas in your work?

Photography for me is like a diary. It’s about documenting. I see something and when I think it’s interesting I shoot some faces or some outfits or some boys wearing something in a good way. Afterwards, I can use it for inspiration in my new collections. It’s always interesting to document some energy, or some moods, and to look back for some inspiration.

Please describe the overall image and aesthetic you are aiming to create.

I see something interesting here in Moscow, in Russia. My friends are doing interesting things that I always wanted to show to other Russian people, and also internationally. It doesn’t matter if it’s through photography, or films, or fashion – those are just different ways to show it. For me, it is always about showing things that are happening in Moscow and what is interesting and what is our mood.

The Moscow mood?

Moscow, or Russian, or my Gosha mood – I don’t know! It’s all about the same things told through different outlets. But what is it? I don’t know, it’s my vision; it’s different things that I think are great. If I think this guy is great, or this building, or this landscape is great, I want to show it to people.

And if people don’t like it?

Anyway, I like reactions. It’s a good thing when people react because it’s bad when people don’t care about you. I like bad reactions like: “What the hell is he doing?!” I like that.

What’s your background in skateboarding? Do you still skate?

I’m not, like, a big skater. I started when I was 22 years old. During my school years I never had friends that skated and I was really focused on art, sitting at home and drawing. Later I met some people that skated, not too crazy just in a basic way. Sometimes I go skating but I’m very busy right now and you only have a few months during the year to skate in Moscow. I’m not professional enough to go to indoor skate parks in the wintertime. Also, every year it’s a challenge to kind of start skating again and again. It’s always like stepping on your board for the first time. Anyway, I try to remember how it works.

For me it’s a about the romantic of being a teenager having time to go skate in the streets to escape problems.

Some people still live this life, people who used to do it since they were teenagers. I like to go skate on sunny days in summer and to watch others doing good tricks, to cruise around and take some pictures.

I guess you have many friends that skate, then?

Yeah yeah, it’s a big community with friends, and their friends! When I met these guys for the first time around eight years ago, I thought wow, this is really cool and it is something so true and strong. These guys are really interesting people, the most interesting guys in Russia are from the skate community. Because it mixes guys from different areas: some football fans, some musicians, some Hip Hop dancers, and graffiti guys – they all skate together. Skateboarding is the connection. If you want to meet cool dudes it’s easy to find them in the skate community. For me, it was like fresh air when I met skateboarders for the first time and every year new and cool people become part of the community.

Do you see similarities between skating and fashion? And do you get inspired from skating?

Yes, of course. Normal life always inspires me. I can be inspired by some cool 15 year old guy coming to the spot for the first time because he has some weird style and I will use it for my collection. It works this way for me; one guy can inspire the whole collection. I met Kevin Rodrigues in Paris who has a very cool style – he is really inspiring. Everybody around him is now wearing the same style as him and this is how it works.

How did that connection with Kevin happen and is he your new muse?

First of all, I’m checking what’s going on in the skate world and of course I saw him many times in videos and I liked his style. The first time I met him was in London through a Converse presentation. And when I saw him in real life I thought he was an interesting guy, and that I would like to know him more. Six month later we met again in Paris at Place de la République because we have some friends in common. So we started hanging out, drinking beer, and he was like “Oh, you’re from Russia! That’s cool, we love Russian people.” So we became friends from the first day. It’ the same with Ben Kadow from the US, how they look and how they skate is something I really like.

Crimea / Kids (2014)

What do you think is are the differences between the Moscow scene compared to other cities?

I think the main difference is the places to skate because of the weather and the winter. In Moscow, people have to do all the things they like to do during the summer period because in the wintertime everybody starts to become lazy. I think that’s the main difference between Russia and other countries. But besides that, I think in terms of the community, friendships, and skateboarding – everywhere is the same around the world. That’s because it’s so easy if you go to Paris, or to China, and meet some people at the spot, it’s the same connection.

Many people pay attention to my work and that’s why I need to use it to show the good things about Russia.

At one time you said that you would like to change people’s perception of Russia through your work. Is that true?

Yeah, it’s one of my ideas that I want to show Russia the way I see it. I think I have my own vision and I want to show it because it’s hard to imagine how it is if you don’t live here. I have power and the ways to show it – so that’s why I need to use it. Many people pay attention to my work and that’s why I need to use it to show the good things about Russia. Now we’re living in a time of information war, and especially many bad things about Russia and I would like to say: No, it’s not really like that. I can show you what’s happening. Well, and what I think is the beauty of being a Russian.

Why is there some much attention on Russia at the moment? What is attracting the people?

It was a closed country for many years and no one knew what was secretly happening inside. It was just a big myth surrounding what it is – and it still is. The country is big and of course you can be in Moscow or St. Petersburg, which is easy. But that is not the real Russia. You have to go to other cities to understand the Russian mentality better. Like you told me the story of this security guard Dima in Sochi and what his soul is like. I think you’ll understand more now. These are things I also like to show about Russia, because I think it’s good here. It’s not only clichés.

So what do you have coming up for the future and new projects?

I have an idea for a short movie so I try to find free time for it. First of all, I need to sit down, write the script and then start filming. This will be my next project.

So, will there be skateboarders involved?

Of course, ha-ha!

DSC05820 - копия test

All photos by Gosha Rubchinskiy

#Pleasecharge comes with the skating of Remy Taveira, Harry Lintell, Felipe Bartolome, Jerome Campbell, Paul Grund, Greg Cuadrado, Kevin Rodrigues, David Stenström, Javier Mendizabal, Carlos Cardenosa, Danny Sommerfeld, Daniel Pannemann and latest addition from france: Sylvain Tognelli. Enjoy a trip through all over europe:

More about the project in issue # 53 – coming soon!


K-rod wallrid this spot in London while filming for #Pleasecharge.

Here is the first real trailer für Converse Cons’s new euro squad video #Pleasecharge featuring: Remy Taveira, Harry Lintell, Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, Daniel Pannemann, Danny Sommerfeld and more. The release date will be thursday the 25th of june.

This friday Converse Cons launching the brand new skate version of the One Star, coming in black or yellow. Next to the re-release of the classic model, there will be the first video screening of #PleaseCharge. See the Cons Euro Squad skating in Madrid, Paris, Berlin etc., filmed and edited by Ben Chadourne. Check out the Launch/Video-Premiere event in a skate-shop close to you:

Civilist/Berlin; friday 12th of june 6pm-10pm
Pivot/Cologne; friday 12th of june 5pm-8pm
SHRN/Munich; saturday 13th of june 5pm-10pm
Mantis/Hamburg – contact shop for info
Stil Laden/Vienna; friday 12th of june 5pm-10pm
242/Lausanne – contact shop for info



Es ist schon lange kein Geheimnis mehr: Frankreichs Kevin Rodrigues ist nun offiziell Pro für Pontus Alvs Polar Skate Co. Die ersten Boarddesigns kursieren bereits im Internet und Kevin hat es sich mit seiner einzigartigen Herangehensweise mehr als verdient. Toutes nos félicitations, Kevin!

Kevin Rodrigues

“We got a lot of work in front of us.” Die Kollegen vom Jenkem Mag haben ein Behind The Scenes mit dem Polar Team während der Dreharbeiten zu Manhattan Days. Aaron Herrington, Jerome Campbell, Kevin Rodrigues uvm. in den Straßen New Yorks.

Falls du Manhattan Days noch nicht gesehen hast: HIER klicken!

Seit einigen Wochen geht das Hashtag #PleaseCharge durch die sozialen Medien. Zu sehen sind Bilder und Videos der CONS Teamfahrer, doch genaueres weiss man bisher nicht über das europäische Converse Video, welches schon in wenigen Wochen erscheinen soll. Ben Chadourne ist die hauptverantwortliche Person hinter diesem Projekt, ist selbst als Kameramann tätig und wohl einer der am besten skatenden Filmer im Business. Er weiss also wovon man spricht, wenn es mit der Line mal etwas länger dauert. Um euch das Videoprojekt etwas näher zu bringen, sprachen wir mit dem Franzosen über #PleaseCharge. Bonjour Ben!

Hi Ben, wie seid ihr auf den Namen #PleaseCharge gekommen?
Als im Januar in Berlin der KA3 Launch stattfand, war einer meiner besten Freunde Paul Grund dabei. Ich selber habe es leider nicht geschafft, aber Paul kam die zündende Idee, als ihm einer der Jungs einen Bluetooth Lautsprecher reichte, welcher kaum noch Akku hatte und es dann in einer weiblichen Stimme aus den Boxen schallte “Please Charge”. Paul hat das aufgenommen und in einem seiner Instagram Videos verwendet – das hat mir gefallen. Als dann der erste Trip nach Bilbao ging, habe ich für einen Instagram Clip dieselbe Stimme benutzt und das Hashtag “PleaseCharge” eingeblendet. Uns allen hat das irgendwie gefallen und wir sind einfach dabei geblieben – der Name hat sich also recht natürlich entwickelt. Jetzt ist es sogar soweit gegangen, dass wir das Projekt auch ganz offiziell so nennen.

Wann habt ihr angefangen für #pleasecharge zu filmen?
Wir filmen seit dem 23. Februar diesen Jahres für das Projekt – also fast schon drei Monate. Ich muss ganz ehrlich sagen, dass es ein Knochenjob ist und es ohne die Hilfe von James Cruickshank wohl viel schwieriger wäre – der hat ganz schön was auf dem Kasten!

Photo: Severin Strauss

Wer wird alles dabei sein?
Wir versuchen natürlich so viele europäische Skater wie möglich zu featuren aber um einige Namen zu nennen: Remy Taveira, Harry Lintell, Felip Bartolome, Daniel Pannemann, Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, David Stenström, Danny Sommerfeld und viele, viele mehr.

Wer arbeitet denn am härtesten an dem Projekt?
Ganz klar James und ich… (lacht)

Hast du dich mittlerweile daran gewöhnen können so lange von deiner Heimat Bordeaux getrennt zu sein? Vermisst du dein Zuhause?
Ich habe in meinem ganzen Leben noch nie so viel Reisen können wie in diesem Jahr. Seit Februar waren wir auf sieben Trips und nur ganz selten hatten wir mehr als zwei Tage Pause zwischen den Trips. Mittlerweile habe ich aber fast Angst vor dem Danach, ich möchte nicht, dass es aufhört, aber natürlich vermisse ich mein Zuhause. Mit den Freunden abhängen und das Wetter genießen. Leider habe ich aber keine Freundin, um die ich mich kümmern könnte… (lacht)

K-Rod für Cons. Gefilmt und geschnitten von Ben und sogar die Musik wurde eigens produziert:

Wir nehmen das jetzt mal als ein Aufruf an die deutsche Damenwelt. Welcher der Trips hat dir persönlich am besten gefallen?
Das kann ich so gar nicht beantworten. Ich würde sagen, dass eigentlich alle Trips gut waren – alle Beteiligten geben sich wirklich größte Mühe.

Und wann kriegen wir das fertige Projekt zu sehen?
Mitte Juni!

SOURCE – Atom:

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Der Polar Teamfahrer Kevin Rodrigues aus Paris stellt uns in Form dieses düsteren Videos den brandneuen Converse Cons CTAS Pro Black Mono vor. Kevins gewohnt aussergewöhnliches Skateboarding trifft hier auf hohe Filmkunst von Ben Chardoune und einen eigens produzierten Soundtrack, für den sich Jean-Louis Huhta aus Schweden verantwortlich zeigt. Sehr modern und sehenswert!

Wallride Judo Grab

Kevin Rodrigues


Der Converse Cons CTAS Pro Black Mono kommt in einer Hi, sowie einer Lo Variante – all black everything. Die streng limitiertenSchuhe sind ab sofort bei folgenden fünf Läden erhältlich:

Pivot Skateshop (Köln)
Mantis Lifestore (Hamburg)
SHRN (München)
242 (Lausanne)
Stil Laden (Wien)

In freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit Converse CONS

Jean Feil ist ein begnadeter Fotograf und sein Bruder Vivien ein talentierter Skateboarder mit weitem Horizont. Zusammen sind sie nicht ganz unbeteiligt am heutigen Bild von Magenta Skateboards. Aus Frankreich in die Welt – und so schafft es der ehemals lokale Skateboard Hersteller nun überall Revier zu markieren. Wenn man zum Beispiel die Skateboard Hauptstadt San Francisco besucht, wird es nicht lange dauern, bis man einen Magenta Schriftzug findet. Ob es nun auf einem Shirt, einer Jacke oder auf dem Board sei, Magenta ist überall. Auf der Website findet man nun eine kleine Auswahl an Fotografien von Jean Feil, wir haben uns ein paar schöne Werke herausgesucht.

Soy Panday, Ollie up to BS Kickflip – Vigo, Spain.

Zach Lyons, FS Hurricane – Reims, France.

Koichiro Uehara, Ollie – Japan.

Kevin Rodrigues, Polejam BS Smith – France.

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Die Blobys sind eine Crew von jungen Franzosen, welche zur Zeit viel Anerkennung im europäischen Skateboarding genießen. Nun zeigt Hadrien Buhannic das neuste Werk der Pariser Gang mit Aufnahmen aus Barcelona, Paris und San Francisco. Mit dabei sind unter anderem Kevin Rodrigues und Vincent Touzery.

Sprachmemo Am Flughafen vom 30.September 2014, 06:23 Uhr, Rollkoffergeräusche: “So: Kippe, Tegel, morgens um halb sieben, mir ist mega schwindelig, Kaffee gibt’s dann in Paris…” Mit diesen Worten beginnt die Reise unseres Außenreporters Bmin Boje, bewaffnet mit diversen Snapshots, einer Leica Minilux Kompaktkamera und dem Spezialauftrag Stefan Janoski zum Interview zu treffen. Dieser treibt sich in der französischen Hauptstadt herum, da am Abend sein Videofeature “This Is Janoski” vom Desillusion Magazin premiert werden wird. Sprachmemo Der Flug, 08:32 Uhr, Stimme des Flugbegleiters: “Remaining flight time is 10 to 15 minutes and the temperature in Paris is quite chilly, 14°.”



000026 Kopie

Sonic by Invader

000029 Kopie

000042 Kopie


Roman, Wallride

Salut Alex Pires



Als erste Anlaufstelle für Skater in einer Stadt bietet sich stets ein guter Skateshop an. In Paris heißt dieser Nozbone, für den u.a. Kevin Rodrigues, Sylvain Tognelli und Sam Partaix unterwegs sind.




K-Rod und Alex






000021 Kopie




000029 Kopie

Pires and Remy Taveira


Freundin, Stefan Janoski und Pierre David


Janoski Bronze Statue




Das Interview mit Stefan Janoski erscheint in PLACE 049 am 04.11.

Mehr Snapshot Recaps

Manhattan Days ist der neue Film von Pontus Alv, der sich mit seinem Polar Skateboards Team nach New York City aufgemacht hat, um den neuen Converse Cons Polar Skate Co. CTAS Pro Schuh zu feiern. Auf originalen Eastcoast Platten wird mal fröhlich, mal traurig gewalliet was das Zeug hält. Allem voran geht es um die pure Natürlichkeit von Skateboarding und dass es keiner zwingenden Notwendigkeit bedarf, irgendwelche “perfekten” Spots zu skaten. Die Straße ist Hindernis genug und sobald Pontus nur einen einzigen Pole-Jam hinzufügt, wird daraus ein filmisches Highlight alá Manhattan Days.

Mit dabei sind Aaron Herrington, Kevin Rodrigues, David Stenström, Jerome Campbell, Dane Brady und natürlich Pontus selbst.

Der Nozbone Skateshop aus Paris feiert zehnjährigs Bestehen und drückt die Freude mittels eines neuen Videos aus. Cafe Clope, so der Name des französischen Streifens, beginnt mit unserem Interviewpartner aus der aktuellen Ausgabe und Wahlberliner: Sylvain Tognelli, welcher auf präzise Weise in die nächste Bahn gedroppt ist. Na, neugierig? Ausserdem mit dabei: Samuel Partaix, Kevin Rodrigues, Remy Taveira uvm.

Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, Pontus Alv uvm. in einem extrem trashigen und bunt gemischten Webclip, welcher einem kribbelige Füße bescheren sollte. Das ist Skateboarding!