Tag: Mark McCoy

Before, in between session and after skating those guys go into the ocean. Isn’t that a dream to all of us?

Featuring Marky McCoy, Chris Urick, Dane of Sunset Cliffs, Robby Baby, Chris Chadwick, Reggie Gobaleza, Min Maeweather, Jaewoo Bae, Mark McCoy, Chris Center, Tim Johnson, Taylor Brown, Randy Navarro, Striker & Erick Winkowski.

I personally neither know the crew nor have I ever been to Stockholm, but this video makes me want move there and join them. A very solid independent skate video that has the right balance between adolescent crew life and grown up skateboarding.

Featuring Charlie Kullberg, Theo Goldschmidt, Harald Nygren, Vincent Boman, Mark McCoy, Carl Mårtensson, David Stenström, Douglas Jacobsson, Nate Jensen, Matt Ransom, Victor Larsson-Ble, Hampus Jansson, Martin Sandberg, Simon Karlsson, Anthony Crawford, Mario Eriksson, Elliot Isacson, Oskar Wennberg, David Jakinda, and Vincent Huhta-Hasselberg.