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A good part by 38-year-old Kris Posbrobko who has been on a tear these last couple of years.

He also had a part in the OG Grey Area video and more recently in “If You Don’t Skate Don’t Start”.

So put some respect on his name and remember no more excuses like “I am too old for this shit.”

Our friends over at Live Skateboard Media have a new part of the Polish masterpiece “Neverwhere” up now. Besides the Chilean Prince’s skateboard moves they also have a nice interview up with Kuba who is behind both the lens and the vision for “Neverwhere”

Check out both the part and the interview here.

This is going to be really good! Shout out to Kuba Kaczmarczyk & Paweł Piotr Przybył. We will try to make it to the premiere!