Tag: Oh Snap Video

Bang, Bang, Bänke Berlin is what dominates one’s mind when you press play and start watching the friends part in Dan Schulz’s Oh Snap video.

We would like to say Fuck You Dan Schulz, Fuck you for making us miss Wassertorplatz and Fuck you for posting this right when the weather is getting good! Lord knows what we would give for a nice little WTP session, maybe we should drive by and pour one out R.I.P.

On the other hand, We love you, Dan! We love you because you gave us some good and new Roland Hirsch footy! Hirschi’s footy can make you thirsty, it can make you stop by the corner store to get beer on the way to work, it can turn you into Dustin Dollin when you really want to be Andrew Reynolds. You catch my drift watch this thing!

I can’t really explain why, but as long as I know Ilja Judizki, his style has always created in me a nostalgic feeling leading back to how skateboarding has been like in the early 2000’s with videos like Emerica This is Skateboarding or Baker 3. Thus, with the skillful VX-filming of Dan Schulz and this excellent song choice this part is going to warm your heart for sure. And I hope Ilja will remain true to himself further on. Great style!

Skate parts always amaze when you are getting surprised by the things you see. Well, I know Tim Bornemeier and Danny Goodman for quite some years now. And altough I’m quite aware of their capability on a skateboard, this part got me mind-blown for sure! They both put in 120% of what they got and I really want them to take a well-deserved bow! Props to you my friends!