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Bang, Bang, Bänke Berlin is what dominates one’s mind when you press play and start watching the friends part in Dan Schulz’s Oh Snap video.

Quirin Staudt once got called “Berlin’s answer to Bryan Herman“. Well, we can definitely see some resemblance every here and there. But, for us, it’s more the title of the video that got us confused – “What’s left” does it point to the fact that Quirin sometimes does not know what is left and what is right? Totally awkward bag of switch stance tricks. In a positive meaning, of course! Good one, Dan & Quirin!

Without any doubt, Dan Schulz’ independent full length Oh Snap made it on the list of the most remarkable skate videos of the past year. I can’t tell you how long he was filming for it exactly, but I know it has been a couple years. This plus the fact that Patrick Rogalski is always a guarantor for footage at any spot you take him results in something that should be regarded as more than just a leftover clip. I rather would describe it as an additional full part to his already existing full part.

Finally, Dan Schulz’s Berlin based independent skate film Oh Snap is going to be premiered on December 3rd. Here is the official trailer, which provides a good foretaste of what is to come! Oh Snap!

Featuring Pascal Reif, Justin Sommer, Joscha Aicher, André Gerlich, Tim Bornemeier, Quirin Staudt, Valentin Ott, Patrick Rogalski, Ilja Judizki, Michel Funke, Philipp Oehmige, Farid Ulrich, Danny Goodman, Roland Hirsch and Daniel Ledermann.

Dan Schulz kündigt sein neues Independent-Video “Oh Snap” an. Mit dabei sind Pascal Reif, Joscha Aicher, Tim Bornemeier, Quirin Staudt, Patrick Rogalski, Ilja Judizki, Michel Funke, Farid Ulrich, Danny Goodman und Valentin Ott – also eine ziemlich bunte Truppe, die bekannt ist für richtig gutes Streetskating. Das Ganze im Look der guten, alten VX Kamera lässt bei uns schon richtig Vorfreude auf das anstehende Video aufkommen. Aber wofür steht eigentlich “Oh Snap”? Wir haben bei Dan nachgefragt:

Die Bedeutung ist für mich einfach, denn Oh Snap kann einfach alles sein! “Ohhh Snap 10.000 Euro gefunden…”, “Ohhh Snap Kickflip 30 Stufen…”, “Ohhh Snap Finger gebrochen…”, OH SNAP einfach alles…