Tag: Peter Gronau

The boys over at Always went to Copenhagen for a weekend and brought back this clip. Featuring Bill Emmanouilidis, Pete Gronau, Levi Hinkley, Adam Delarue, Giz, Kyle Wilson and Heitor Da Silva.

Filmed & edited by Shane Smith.

After ‘ENDLESS BLUE’ and ‘PERSEVERANCE 2020’ now comes the Showerman’s third video ‘COLD’. It is a bit shorter, has some big names here and there but mostly it has that eye for street moments that we love from Josh. Press play and take a trip through the London streets.

After “ENDLESS BLUE” we now get Josh Simpson’s newest work. Again, this video shows itself to be different by the combination of street life and the place skateboarding has in it.

At the same time, we see the influence of current events and political movements growing since the last edit. Which we really like and hope becomes a recurring theme in Josh’ work.

Great music, a good eye for street hijinx and some very entertaining skating, ‘ENDLESS BLUE’ is providing us with a good look into some cool UK skating.


George Cocksm Joshua Simpsob, Billy Wells, Joshua Morgan, Peter Gronau, Dan Gee, Cody Watson, Kelvinas Litvinas, Macgregor Marshfield, Michael Mcmaster, Dennis Corrigan, Cass Doig, Carter squires, & Tobias Moores.