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As you all know we were in Malmö for the Skate Malmö Street 2018. Instead of standing on the sidelines like we normally do our editor in chief Daniel Pannemann had the idea that we should compete!
And so we gathered a crew and documented things from the inside. We did not know that this would actually mean that we would get documented by one of our favourites Nils Svensson.

Nils was actually the one who invited us to document and take part so in a sense he rounded out the (vicious) circle by shooting us in action.

So instead of rehashing our own Insta-videos, we present to you Nils’ SMS ’18 Photo-recap

Day 1: Källan Open by Polar Skateboards

Day 2: Some highlights of the SMS 18′ in action.


Day 3: Even Nils was too tired to really shoot so instead you get a single highlight by Shin Sanbongi!

If you want to see more or look at what our SOTY’S did at the SMS ’18 click here.

All photos by Nils Svensson.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.

Jerome Campbell ist mehr als nur der typische Skater, denn Fotografie spielt eine ähnlich große Rolle wie seine Profession Skateboarding. Besucht haben ihn die Kollegen vom Desillusion Magazine in seiner Heimat Sheffield, England, in welcher er auch angefangen hat zu skaten und seine aller ersten Fotos schoss. Unter anderem erzählt Jerome von den engen Parallelen seiner zwei Leidenschaften.