Tag: POP

In times where light became a very unfrequent thing, Budgetbeuker Bearings & Co. will provide you with only essential things in skateboarding: Bearings, Albert Heijn rip-off’s & skate-wax. Amen.

We are happy to announce Peter Buikema from The Netherlands as one of our new interns. Peter was already working for us in Amsterdam last August and just a few weeks later we invited him again to ‘The Dam’ for our release of the new issue.

Together with Alex O’Donahoe, Bobby Groves, Tjark Thielker, Budget Beuker and the rest of the PLACE crew we decided to stay for the long weekend to go out skating, of course. The result is our brand new series “Pete’s B&B” and this is our first episode!

Photo by Friedjof Feye.