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First off, this is probably one of the best Mean Streets ever, Why? It features a lot of new NYC talent, secondly, the intro really makes the streets seem as mean as possible and lastly, the music is just spot on.

So press play and prepare to see a lot of good tricks and Reebok footwear.

Reebok seems to be teasing the skate scene at the moment. There was the failed entry via DGK which we felt was cool but as Stevie Williams put it maybe a bit too early.

Afterwards, the brand left skateboarding for a bit, skateboarders weren’t really wearing the shoes, that all changed when they did their first collab with Palace, which made us want to try some shoes on and it made people think that Reebok might move back into skating. For a moment there Blondey McCoy was ripping in them but after his move to the three stripes, things died down again.

The third coming started with Shawn Powers and continues with collabos like these and to be honest we hope it stays the way it is now because sometimes things don’t need to be crystal clear they can remain in the mist and still work.

Filmed by Thom and Fuzz
Edit by Mike Collins

Das vielleicht witzigste Schuhcommercial des Jahres kommt von Palace Skateboards – jetzt könnte man zurecht fragen, was Palace denn jetzt mit Schuhen am Hut hat – die Briten haben sich erneut mit Reebok zusammengetan und bringen den Vulcanized Workout raus. Was der kann, erfahrt ihr in diesem Clip – unbedingt anschauen!