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Now the kind people of PASS~PORT skateboards have supplied us with a bundled version of Paul’s footage from recent years and to great results.

But TBH we would have liked it more had it not included the footage from that 4-year-old highlight of a section. Anyway, that is complaining, truth be told this is still really nice to have, as we imagine that boxset is as well. Enjoy!

Mike Carrol, talk about timeless style and a ton of grace. This was enough to get us excited for the upcoming Lakai vid, so let’s hope that Malakai comes through with the goods.

What do you do when you have a lot of footage here and there and probably know it would be cool to have it put altogether? Well, Jacopo Carozzi stopped thinking about it and just made it done! Let’s rave!

Somebody just made his own Alex Olson part out of Alex’s instagram clips, I don’t have much to say about this except: When lurking hard turns into something cool!

Der in Frankfurt lebende Amerikaner Jon Wolf bekam vor einiger Zeit Besuch von einer Horde Chilenen. Juan Carlos Aliste ist dabei besonders hervor gestochen , was Jon in diesem Remix Edit unter Beweis stellen kann.