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See what we did there!? Almost half an hour Skateboarding from UK’s Palace Team starting off strong with one of the two new pros Kyle Wilson and ending it with the other one Charlie Birch. You do not want to miss this one.

Palace first went to Japan and then introduces a new guy on the team back in Britain. Good concept. Now, you might wanna see who it is, right!?

Feat.: Lucien Clarke,  Juan Saavedra, Rory Milanes, Dany Brady, Benny Fairfax, Chewy Cannon,  Jamal Smith, Heitor Da Silva & Evan Mock.

What do you do when your last video marked the end of a VHS era? You run straight to the competition Betamax! When both VHS and Betamax were launched it was obvious that the latter had the better quality system. Unfortunately for that system VHS had better marketing and thus Betamax died a slow death until Palace managed to revive it.

Enjoy the whole man dem including Arto skating Hawaii.

It’s here! “PALASONIC” is Palace Skateboards new full-length video, which they’ve been working on for the last seven years. Filmed entirely in London.

Featuring: Lucien Clarke, Lucas Puig, Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfaix, Rory Milanes, Karim Bakhtaoui, Blondey McCoy, Charlie Young, Olly Todd and Torey Goodall.

A new Palace Skateboards video featuring the whole team skating the east coast of the United States. What a perfect thing to watch on a Friday! Oh, and wait for it. Lucas Puig has got a little something for you.

Ancient cameras, constant image flaws, kind of odd music, names in triangles and very exciting skateboarding. Yes, it is the new Palace full length! So hit the play button and find yourself in a modern world that is depicted like a throwback into the mid or late 90’s.

Palace Skateboards trifft momentan wie kaum eine zweite Company den aktuellen Zeitgeist: Schlechte Videoquali, super Sound und exzellentes Skateboarding – das muss man erstmal unter einen Bucket Hat bekommen. Das gerade online gegangene, 17-minütige Video “Endless Bummer” tut genau das – seht selbst. Mit dabei sind Namen wie Rory Milanes, Chew Cannon, Danny Brady und Lucien Clarke:


Anfang des Sommers war die Converse Cons Crew zusammen mit dem Grey Magazine in Berlin unterwegs. Mit von der Partie waren Rory Milanes, David Stenström, Jerome Campbell, Harrie Lintell und Danny Sommerfeld – der sich abseits vom Knallbrett die Zeit genommen hat ein paar epische Momente aus seiner Sicht festzuhalten. Kaffee kochen, Zigarette drehen, bebildern lassen.

Jerome Campbell – BS Smith

Jerome Campbell – Nollie Flip

Harrie Lintell

Harrie Lintell – Kickflip

Rory Milanes

Rory Milanes – Ollie


Slim Shady’s

Jerome Campbell – Wallride

David Stenström

David Stenström – BS Air

This ain’t a push pic


David Stenström

David Stenström – Nosegrind Tailgrab