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After part 1 comes the innovative part 2 which incorporates surf-techniques into skating the streets. Enjoy.

Watch part 1 here or more Giddy here.

It is always lovely to see not only the results but the road to the successes. And Romain Batard always has his own fun way of getting there.

Watch Giddy #11 in full here

Next time when you complain about the condition of a spot you should remember Jordan Sanchez filmed a whole part skating nothing but the dumpsters behind his local supermarket. Leaving aside the fact that he took some heavy bails on rough ground, Jordan and his friends seemed to have a lot fun doing this clip.

Montagmorgen ist nicht immer leicht, aber dieser Clip von Z-Flex wird euch sicherlich wachrütteln. Im Januar wurde das Team neu zusammengestellt und das ist die Footage, die die Jungs seitdem gesammelt haben. Watch Out!