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We just got a mail from Redd Sarson who sent us his brand new edit “WADALBA 2 WE GOT A BENZ”. If you want to learn more about Redd and his crew you can read his Jenkem Mag interview from march’22 HERE. This one features a trip to L.A. as well as some local footage from his hometown Sydney.

Featuring Sam Fairweather, Riwaz Kazi, Dannan Chiu, Aaron Christiansen, Ben Field, Noah Fuzi, Rowan Davis, Nat Prugsaritanon, Noah Smith, Connor Reeve, Redd Sarson, Liam Mcintyre, Jake Dempsey, Zach Carroll & Ricky Petherbridge.

A new one from Geoff Campbell for Nike SB Australia. Ben Lawrie has a crazy good Noseslide.

Featuring Riley Pavey, Corey Young, Raph Langslow, Jack O’Grady, Hayley Wilson, Harry McEvoy, Max Couling, Sean Malto, Kieran Woolley, Noah Nayef, Rowan Davis, Sam Sutton, Anthony Mapstone, Ben Lawrie, Nick Boserio & Harry Clark.

Why are Australian skaters so damn gnarly? This video is another reason to keep Down Under on your radar. Also, the average age is below 21.

Featuring: Jason Rainbird, Noah Nayef, Rob Pace, Jack O’Grady, Jarrad Carlin, Sam Sutton, Hayley Wilson, Nicholas Andrewes, Dean Johnston, Corey Young, Rowan Davis, Charles Robertson, Ben Lawrie, Harry McEvoy, Riley Pavey and Raph Langslow.