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Seemingly endless Stalin Plaza Lines like these are always a pleasure to watch. Same goes for Marek Kocak’s Style and Trick Choice.

We think you should definitely check out this new Sports Class clip filmed by Miroslav Kazi, edited by Jakub Osten and featuring guest tricks from Roman Lisivka and Toby Locke.

A while ago I posted the first clip of Sports Class, which was really nice and made me already curious about what to expect next. Now in Fresh Beer Cold Beer the team travels trough more or less the three of Europe’s well-known skate metropolises: London, Prague and Barcelona. And especially kind of brings back memories of a time when Prague’s Stalin Plaza was the place to be in Europe.

Featuring Tom Snape, Toby Locke, Goeff Campbell and more.

I am a fan of Geoff Campbell edits. This time he introduces Sports Class, which, I guess, seems to be something like a new clothing brand from Australia. I am pretty sure we will know more in the very near future.

Featuring: Tom Snape, Simon Frazzetto, Pete Solvyns and Toby Locke.