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We have known Tabo for a while, moving to Berlin, trying tricks in the shelter, and often surprising us with his finesse. And although we do miss his Ellington-Esque long hair we sure appreciate what he brings to the table with this part.

This spring Titus and Levis Skateboarding joint together to work on different DIY projects to help the German local skate community. This short documetary shows the great result of all their work and effort.

Photo by Dennis Scholz

Titus went all out again and hosted the third DIY Riot at Skaters Palace in Münster together with support from Vans and GUDE. Apart from beer (which GUDE supplied), there was a barbecue, free stuff, cash for tricks and our contest favorite the ring of fire. Of course the people from the Vainstream festival came over and watched the skaters and the festival probably even drew some extra unexpecting skaters to the contest. In the end, it was a great time and it will be hard to better next year.

If you’ve been following Vladik Scholz recently, you know that the Titus and Red Bull team rider travels quite a lot. China, Estonia, Los Angeles… it’s all a blur of new places and progressive skateboarding for the resident of Cologne, Germany. Catching up with some of this global player’s latest moves.

Where have you been…

…one second ago?
I’m at the Düsseldorf airport right now and waiting for my flight to Zurich. My parents are living not far from there and I want to visit them.

…one minute ago?
I was still waiting.

…one hour ago?
I was on the train from Cologne to Düsseldorf airport. 

…one day ago?
I was chilling in my bed watching the Hannibal series on Netflix. It was rainy and grey outside, so I thought it was the best thing I could do at the moment.

…one week ago?
At this time of day, I had an appointment with my dentist. I had to pick up a small kind of plastic guard for the bottom row of my teeth. I’m apparently crunching with my teeth at night and they get used a bit too fast. So it is a preventative measure.

…one month ago?
I was on the way from my parents’ to Cologne on a train. I stayed home for a day and went to Berlin for almost two weeks to visit the Bright trade show. I stayed at my girlfriend‘s house and filmed for my Titus part.

…one year ago?
Last year was really varied for me. I never travelled so much before. During this time I was in Cologne with a cast on my left arm. I broke it during the filming for the RedBull “Coastal Business“ project in New York and had to fly back for surgery. That was a bummer.


…five years ago?
In 2010 I was already living in Cologne. I moved there from Bielefeld and since then it has been my favorite city in Germany and my home town. 2010 was a crazy year for me and my friend Louis Taubert. We moved to Cologne at the same time. We were young and abused our bodies partying most of the week. It was a crazy, but necessary and fun time in my life.

…ten years ago?
I lived in Bielefeld with my mom. Two years had already passed after we moved from Belarus to Germany. I had summer holidays during school time and couldn’t imagine to do something else than skateboarding and learning new words so I would be able to talk to the Germans. 

…15 years ago?
I lived with my mother and grandmother in Novopolotsk, Belarus and had summer holidays till the 1st of September. For the majority of the day I was outside playing around and having some adventures. We went to some lakes and forests in the area and were just having a good summer time with my friends.

…20 years ago?
I was 6 years old and was waiting to be able to go to school, but I had to wait one more year. So I went to preschool and had an everyday life of the regular young boy in Belarus with a lovely mom and grandma.

…25 years ago?
At this time I was almost two years old. I had a good childhood. So probably I was doing well at that moment and playing with my toys.


by Benni Markstein
Photos: Dennis Scholz

Today sees the release of the Suicidal Tendencies x Titus Collabo, which consists of a cruiser board, hoodies, T-shirts, a snapback cap and some patches – everything in classic black and white style. Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir once stated: “Music and Skateboarding together is a very powerful thing” – we definetely agree:

STxTitus_Press Pic

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Vladik Scholz posted the teaser for his Titus full part on instagram some days ago and wrote the following:

“It is always a good feeling to see the footage, you got during the last years, puzzled together in this one thing. Everybody knows… It is never enough and never good enough. So I hope you will watch and like it the way I could do it before the deadline.”

No worries Vladik, we love what you put together – pretty stoked!

For Markus Blessing the “Road to Da Nang” Vietnam tour was the first trip he took together with Rogge, Vladik, Farid, and the other guys in the team. Seems like Team Titus is a good fit for Markus – the brand new AM was so hyped, he filmed his entire welcome-part during that week:

Patrick Rogalski never dissapoints – watch this brandnew full part and you definitely know, why Titus turned him Pro lately. Expect excellent footage from Bangkok, Barcelona and Berlin, all with a smile and style for miles. Congrats on this one, Rogge!

BS Nosebluntslide by Burny

A dark grey sky is looming overhead, and a mixture between rain and snow has been pouring down all day. Surprisingly, Patrick arrives on his cruiser board despite this total mess; what’s more, he’s smiling and seems to be in a very good mood. But then again, that’s just how he is, smiling and laughing all the time. Plus, what probably helps him stay positive even on a horrid day like this is the fact that he just returned from Bangkok, from a four-week trip that saw him skating with friends like Farid, Joscha, and Burny every single day.

Still in high spirits after this month-long Asian adventure, Patrick is something I’d like to call a “the sun made me do it” kind of guy. Prior to meeting him I even thought he was a hippie child, but he’s actually not. He grew up in a small town called Goslar, where he was able to choose between two indoor skateparks. That’s also where he learned everything about backside noseblunt slides.


I’m a little bit surprised to find out that you’re actually not a hippie child, attending Waldorf school and growing up with laughing adults dancing around a campfire, singing songs and being just happy.
I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of immigrants, and everyone had a different cultural background. I liked it because most of the time the people were open-minded and they didn’t judge you. Everybody had to find some way to make things work, to find an arrangement. I have always been on my own track and sometimes I got a “What’s this for a German kid?” thrown after me. Though actually I’m half Polish, but I was born in Germany. A lot of them didn’t really like my style but we used to hang out together anyway. They were more the Nike Shox and leather jacket types, and I was wearing baggy pants and skate shoes. It was okay.

How much would another company have to pay for you to join their team?
To me, it’s not about a price, it’s about that you get along with everybody in a good way, that you’re able to do lots of tours and that you can be in touch at any time. This is very important to me when it comes to riding for a company. At Titus, we’re all super down, that’s great. If another company made an offer, it’s not about the money. It’s rather the whole thing, the whole picture, you know?

There’s a football player named Patrick Rogalski and his current market value is 25.000 Euros. Would you change teams for 25K?
Ha-ha… no idea! But, for example, Louis Taubert got an offer by (German TV station) Pro 7 for a long-term documentary on him. He said that he’d never sell his soul for such crap, although they were willing to pay him a lot of money. That really impressed me and this is way more real than doing stupid shit for a few bucks.

SW Kickflip

You changed your profile picture on Facebook four days ago and got 230 likes since then. How does that feel?
Feels fucking awesome, ha-ha… seems like 230 people like my photo. It’s just a confirmation that I did it right, don’t you think?

So it’s more about the right photo – and not because of your looks?
Dwag shot a good photo I guess! It’s just for the homies.

20.000 views on your last video part on YouTube. Are you satisfied?
Could always be better. But it’s better than having less that 20.000, isn’t it?

Someone in the comments section asked why you always seem to be so out of it. Are you?
How can anyone judge based on a video part?

What has changed since you turned pro for Titus?
Not much, just more hustle. I don’t work at the Titus Zoopreme store anymore so I have to make my money from skating. Or else I’d have to find another job.

So how much is it worth to be a pro then?
Personally it means a lot to me, it’s like a dream come true! When I was a kid I could never understand why all the pros where skating so good, so I always wanted to have my own board one day. I thought it would be cool. Ten years later it happened, I got my own board and I’m really happy about it! But of course it’s a known fact that you can’t buy a Ferrari when you turn pro so I am not kidding myself. I turned pro but I have to do something else on top to make it work. Like studying, which my mum has been forcing me to do a lot lately.

What are you interested in?
I think when you study it’s not about your interests. I finished economic high school so I know what I don’t want to do. I think I’m more drawn to something in the social sector, but let’s see. I don’t have a bigger goal, at the moment I’m simply working on short-term schedules.

BS Nosebluntslide

Did you know before traveling to Thailand that you were going to do the backnoseblunt?
I guess so. We went straight to the hubba the first day we arrived. I shot a photo of the spot and looked at it for days. The spot is very crowded with pedestrians so it’s definitely not easy to skate. I saved one board for the last day.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised that you did it.
Because it’s my signature move?

Yes, you kind of destroyed this trick already before. I have seen you doing it so many times; I know how comfortable you feel with this trick. Of course, it’s a big spot but I guess it was only a question of guts and the day’s form, wasn’t it?
It’s definitely a serious hubba, and to be honest I almost shat my pants. But I had to do it. It was the day before I was going to fly home, and I needed the best possible ender. So I could enjoy a nice Gin & Tonic on the plane and be very happy after a successful trip.

You buried this trick forever.
Ha-ha, everybody should do whatever they want!

Do you think the backnoseblunt is the king of the tricks?
For me, personally and emotionally, I would say yes. It took me a long time to learn it and now every time I do it, it just feels amazing. To do it in a proper way you really need to put everything you have into it. But okay, if it’s dead now, I will stop doing that trick, ha-ha. I don’t know where to do it anymore anyway.

by Benni Markstein
Photos: Burny

Patrick Rogalski is Pro on Titus Skateboards and his pro debut part will be released later this week. To get the party started, here’s the trailer. Watch out for an exclusive interview with Rogge tomorrow…

Photo: Burny

Anfang des Jahres machten sich Tom Kleinschmidt, Richard Naumertat, Erik Gross, Thomas Meinel, David Raderecht, Christian Döbrich und Octavio Trindade zusammen mit Team-Titus-Pro Vladik Scholz und Julius Dittmann auf nach Bali, um dort das neue Videoprojekt von Sebastian Linda zu produzieren.

„The Journey of the Beasts” heißt der dort produzierte Film, für den die Jungs insgesamt drei Wochen alles gegeben haben und mit pazifischer Hitze, Schlafmangel und roughen Spots zu kämpfen hatten. Die Arbeit, der Schweiß und die Schürfwunden scheinen sich definitiv gelohnt zu haben, wenn man sich diesen Trailer anschaut. Im August kommt dann das Full Lenght Video – wir freuen uns drauf!

Nächstes Wochenende ist ganz schön was los in Münster – wer noch keine anderen Pläne hat: Ab nach Westfalen. Am Samstag findet die offizielle Einweihung des neuen DIY-Bowls auf dem Parkplatz des Skaters-Palace statt und am Sonntag geht es nahtlos mit dem.legendären Vans Shop Riot im Palace weiter, der mit neuen Obstacles schick gemacht wird!

Samstag geht es schon vormittags mit einer Practise Session im Bowl los und ab 16.00 können die Skater bei der „Vans und Titus DIY Opening Session“ Cash for Tricks abstauben. Am Sonntag gibt es dann für das Gewinnerteam 2000 Euro zu gewinnen. Wie jedes Jahr zeigt der Vans Shop Riot, wo es lang geht, und trumpft mit der Herausforderung schlechthin auf: Mach deinen lokalen Store zum Champion – und sorg’ dafür, dass die Welt von langweiligen Contests und einfallslosen Skateboarding verschont bleibt. Hier bekommen lokale Teams die Gelegenheit, ihre Künste unter Beweis zu stellen und sich in krassen Battles den Weg zum Finale freizukämpfen – dieses Jahr mit sage und schreibe 16 Stopps bevor es einen Sieger geben wird.

Für dieses Contestformat stellen die besten Skate Shops Europas ihre Teams selbst zusammen. Erst treten diese dann gegen ebenfalls lokale Nachbar-Gegner an, die Gewinner kommen in die Finals, die dann in diesem Oktober im belgischen Flesh & Bones Skatepark stattfinden.

Samstag: Open Practice DIY-Bowl ab Mittag
16 h open Session Start DIY-RIOT
Später BBQ und Beers

Sonntag: Frühstück & Einschreibung im Palace ab 9 Uhr
Practise ab 10 Uhr
Contest Start 12 Uhr

Location: Skaters Palace, Scheibenstrasse 121, 48153 Münster

Alle Infos findet ihr unter www.vansshopriot.com

Ein neuer Edit aus dem Shelter und diesmal waren die Teams vom Titus Berlin & Zoopreme zu Gast. Ohne weite Anreise, dafür mit ordentlichen Tricks: Collin McLean, Roland Hirsch, Ilja Judizki und Patrick Rogalski!

Jeremy Reinhard bringt an seinem 30. Geburtstag seinen brandneuen “Tightass” Part für Titus heraus. In diesem beweist der dienstälteste Profi im Kader des Team Titus, dass er noch lange nicht zum alten Eisen gehört, sondern voller Energie steckt und seine schnittigen Tricks noch locker aus der Hüfte kommen. Zudem feiert Jerry zenhjähriges Jubiläum als Teamfahrer für die Traditionscompany aus Münster. Es darf also gefeiert werden!


Am 12. März feiert Jeremy Reinhard seinen 30. Geburtstag und es ist ein Tag, an den sich der Pro des Team Titus sicherlich lange erinnern wird. Titus veröffentlicht nämlich seinen Tight Ass Part und wir sind uns sicher, eine Menge schnellfüßiger Lines zu Gesicht zu bekommen und verbleiben in gespannter Vorfreude mit dem Trailer.

Der Filmemacher Sebastian Linda meldet sich mit einem Großprojekt zurück. Nachdem Dresden bereits abgegrast und filmisch in die verschiedensten Bilder verpackt wurde, geht es nun auf eine große Reise. Mit tatkfäftiger Unterstützung von Titus wird sich die Crew, bestehend aus u.a. Tom Kleinschmidt, Erik Groß und Octavio Trindade, in ein fernöstliches Land aufmachen. Auch aus dem Team Titus soll bereits ein Fahrer die Koffer gepackt haben.

Selbstbewusst kündigt Sebastian eine bildgewaltige, mehrteilige Skateboarddokumentation an, die man per Crowdfunding unterstützen darf. Und man bekommt auch noch etwas für den Support, z.B. Originalabzüge von Erik, Skateworkshops oder ein Journey of the Beast Skateboard. Man darf also gespannt sein.

Pünktlich zum ganz normalen Messewahn bringt Titus den nächsten Part ihres Tight Ass Videoprojekts an den Start. Patrick Rogalski hat amtliche vier Minuten zusammengebracht, die man unbedingt gesehen haben sollte – Rogge rasiert!

Jeder hat mal klein angefangen und so auch Patrick Rogalski. Der Braunschweiger entwickelt sich momentan in eine Richtung die vermuten lässt, dass er einer der Großen in Deutschland sein wird. Sein kommender Tightass Video Part für Titus wird das sicherlich bestätigen. Hier der Trailer.