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A film by Victor Demonte & our man in Paris Augustin Giovanonni. Always good to see a new generation coming up.

There is a new team in town Vic & Nonni documenting this very fun Parisian spot for our enjoyment. Excited to see more in the future.

Four days in London featuring Joffrey Morel, Julian Kimura, Tom Moatti, Jake Church, Cameron Barr, Nicolas Gisonno, Valentine Katz, Jack Dyamond, Lizo Yako, Emeka and James Mclean. Filmed and Edited by Victor Demonte.

What can you really say about Noah Bunink? He walks the walk and he talks the talk, he is the kind that even when he drops his board the line continues and if you were ever out skating with him you know that a line can change slightly from try to try!

It is a pretty bad cliché but you need to see young Bunink skate live because video doesn’t do him justice unless you install a 24-hour webcam. Enjoy this Live Skateboard Media remix!

Oh, yes! Magenta Skateboard‘s exceptional lightfooted crew flows over beautiful Parisian pavements again!

Featuring Jimmy Lannon, Vivien Feil, Leo Valls, Santiago Sasson, Glen Fox, Willem Van Dijk, Victor Demonte, Say Panday, Paul Langsley and more.

“We like to skate, we are having fun.” – This is all what Romain Batard has put as video describtion for his newest full length. And after watching it, I feel like I don’t dare to add anything more to that because sometimes saying less is saying more. However, you definitely should get your own impression!

Featuring: Joffrey Morel, Glen Fox, Santiago Sasson, Marc-Alexandre Barbier, Victor Demonte, Joseph Biais, Juan Saavedra, Oscar Candon, Steve Malet, Alexis Jamet and Hugo Maillard.