The Benchmark Contest Berlin – Photo Recap

Last Saturday marked the start of this year’s Benchmark Contest’s. The 2017 series is special because it is the tenth year that Paris’s Nozbone is organizing this event and thus they chose to partner up with Berlin’s Civilist skate shop and have two contests instead of one.

That meant that the winner of the Berlin event would earn himself some money and a ticket to skate in the Paris event this coming weekend.


The concept for this year was to incorporate Bauhaus as a style element.



You might recognize this man, he built the obstacles.



The course was not only used to skate on, some parkour went down as well.



The crowd was colorful and of all ages.



This guy skated the course the entire time but did not enter the contest!?



A closer look at the result of Kliewer’s build.



To his own surprise, this Georgian wunderkind almost took the top spot.



We would consider this a cryptogramic self portrait of Mr. TPDG himself. Dogs and cameras always a sure thing.



The old in and out with two German legends.



Denny Pham finished third but still managed to please the crowd.



If you look closely you can see Giorgi doing his second place line.



In the end the French took the title back to Paris, Hugo Corbin came out on top!